Standard Finis Oil Co.

Standard Finis Oil Company opened its doors in 1950 as Bangladesh’s first industry to manufacture products that further the agenda of health and sanitation. Manufacturing affordable and disease preventative products is the core function of Finis and its mission for more than 70 years. Today, the Covid-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the role of Standard Finis Oil Company to provide essential-to-health products and services to the population of Bangladesh and beyond.

Who We Are

At SFOC, we strive to be the best and trusted choice for all our stakeholders. Whether that be our consumers, corporate clients, government institutions or our employees. Which is why in all our undertakings, we are guided by our four core values

What We Do

At Standard Finis Oil Company each product passes a series of detail oriented tests to ensure results and safety of our consumers. Our research and vision for each product extends beyond these core features to deliver a host of benefits. SFOC aims to create products and brands that are user-friendly and environmentally conscious, manufactured under ethical production standards.