FINIS Wood Preservative

Active Ingredients

Protects all wooden furniture, house wood, poles etc. from the attack of termites and termites. It is also effective against soil termites.


240 ML & 480 ML & 950 ML & 1900 ML & 3800 ML

Direction of Use

Use on Wood: Before varnishing wooden furniture, wood preservative should be applied thoroughly with a brush so that the wood preservative penetrates about 0.4” into the wood. 15/20 ml of wood preservative will be required for 1 square feet of wood. To be used in open space. After the smell goes away, take it home. Otherwise, everything in the house can get its smell. In house wooden or bamboo stilts, after coating the whole once, the part that will be under the ground should be buried in the ground with a second coating. Use on soil: Wood preservatives should be applied to floors for termite suppression prior to new home construction. After mopping the floor of the house, soil should be removed 6” deep from the floor. Then every 10'X12' (120 square feet) area should be sprinkled with 8 liters of wood preservative and covered with soil again. The floor can then be paved. It will not attack termites in this house. Also, on the smart side of the house, removing the soil 6" deep in the same way, sprinkling wood preservative and covering it again with soil will prevent termites from entering the house from outside.